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ChinaSCINet_Investigators Meetings
ChinaSCINet organizes different kinds of investigator meetings, discussing different problems and the development of this organization.
 2 March, 2013
Multicenter Study of Transplanting Umbilical Cord Blood Cell to Treat Chronic Spinal Cord Injury, Xi'an
Investigators from more than 10 centers discussed the proposal to conduct Phase III multicenter study treating chronic spinal cord injury with umbilical cord blood and intensive locomotion training. The discussion was focused on the outcome measures and treatment.
19 April, 2011 Investigator Meeting and Workshop on Cell-based Therapies, Hong Kong
In the ChinaSCINet Investigator Meeting, Prof. Waisang Poon from the CUHK and Dr. Gilberto Leung from the HKU introduced the CN102b protocol, explained cell preparation and shared umbilical cord blood mononuclear cell transplant experiences on chronic spinal cord injured patients with the group. Based on the preliminary phase II trial experiences, the multicenter trial on cord blood cell transplant and oral lithium had been delineated and discussed among the investigators. In the Workshop on Cell-based Therapies, researchers and clinicians from US, China and India reported latest preclinical and clinical results of cells therapies in treating spinal cord injuries.
14 November, 2009

ChinaSCINet Investigator Meeting in Annual Congress for the World Academy for Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology, Hong Kong
Over twenty investigators from the Network centers gathered in Hong Kong to review the clinical result on the Phase II lithium efficacy study and to plan the future clinical studies. The preliminary Phase II double-blinded placebo controlled clinical study on oral lithium showed that lithium reduced the severe pain of chronic spinal cord injury. The investigators were very interested in the pain relieve effect of the lithium and agreed to work out a protocol for multicenter study focusing on the treatment effect of oral lithium on the neuropathic pain to the spinal cord injuries. In addition, the group agreed to start a multicenter phase 3 trial to assess intradural decompression of subacute spinal cord injury.
5 November, 2006
Asia International Hotel, Guangzhou
7 August, 2006
W.M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, Rutgers University, New Jersey
18-19 February, 2006
Guangdong International Hotel, Guangzhou
18 December, 2005
Faculty of Medicine,The University of Hong Kong
15-16 October, 2005
North Garden Hotel, Beijing
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