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Around the world thousands of scientists are working hard to find a way to cure spinal cord injury. Most of the studies are in laboratories and many of them have had good results. But it may take a long journey for the promising therapies from the laboratory results to clinical practice. ChinaSCINet aims to speed up the transition by organizing different clinical studies.

ChinaSCINet launched a series of phase I and II trials to study the safety and feasibility of transplanting umbilical cord blood mononuclear cell (UCBMC) into people with chronic spinal cord injury.  The results of the studies have been promising that ChinaSCINet is about to enter multicenter Phase III trial (CN103) to assess the treatment efficacy.

The result of the Phase II randomized, double-blinded placebo controlled trial to study the lithium carbonate on the SCI showed that the potential pain treatment effect of the drug in SCI.  ChinaSCINet initiated a Phase II study (CN302) to investigate the efficacy of lithium carbonate tablet in neruopathic pain after SCI.

The studies include: (Click to view details of each study)

Study ID Brief Title Planning Ongoing Closed Publication
Observational Study        
Phase I Lithium Trial
arrow1.png Spinal Cord 49, 94-98 (2011)
Phase II Lithium Trial
arrow1.png Spinal Cord 50,141-146 (2012)
Phase I/II UCBMC Transplant Trial
arrow1.png Cell Transplantation 25, 1925–1943 (2016)
CN102b_KM UCBMC Transplant with Rehabilitation Trial arrow1.png
CN102c Lithium±UCBMC for Acute/Subacute SCI arrow1.png  
CN103 Phase 3 UCBMC ±Lithium Trial Planning  
CN302 Phase 2 Lithium Trial on Neuropathic Pain after spinal cord injury Finished  
Phase 1 UCBMC transplant for Stroke Ongoing  

Updated 21 Nov, 2016

What should I do if I would like to participate in the trials of ChinaSCINet?
To learn as much as possible about the clinical trial and then contact the investigator directly. You may also leave your basic information and contact here (Submit a Form). The investigators may retrieve the data and contact you if they think you might be suitable candidate for the trial.

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